How I Got Over My Jetlag?

For as long as I have been traveling between Hong Kong and America since I was a teenager, jetlag was my biggest curse. It always hit me like a ton of bricks – in the middle of the afternoon, or in the wee hours of the morning – every time, every year.

But on this last trip for the first time, I’ve finally found a cure for the curse– Ginger Tea!

Here’s how I discovered the magic potion.

The morning after I landed in Hong Kong last Thursday evening, I was happy to have gotten up bright and early after a fairly good night sleep. I headed down to the hotel gym, rolled out a mat and began my Ashtanga yoga practice as usual.  But unlike any other morning, my body was feeling tight and achy – classic symptoms of having flown across continents and time zones just the day before.

So I took it slow.

I stretched out my arms slowly, bent over slowly, breathed in and out and even more slowly.

After a series of long stretches and strong steady moves, I could feel the pranayama (Sanskrit word for extension of breathing, vital energy) effect flowing through my whole body. As I was feeling thirsty and looking for water, I stumbled upon an elegant set-up of “detox tea” and “lemon-infused water” next to a bowl of fresh fruits.

“Huumm…. Detox Tea sounds good.”

After the overnight 15 hour flight with plane food and wine, I thought any tea with detoxifying properties would be good for me. So I poured myself a big cup and gulped it down.  Almost instantly, I felt as if I’d just given myself an adrenaline shot – all my senses had been switched on. Awakened and refreshed, I began to walk with a bounce on my steps throughout the day.

All day long I was going around town with my husband moving from shop to shop. While I was zipping up and down the endless escalators in a huge mall, he was suddenly feeling the effects of jetlag. We parted ways so he could head back to the hotel room for a nap while I kept up my shopping spree.

Finally, after a wonderful late sushi dinner with a cold beer, we headed back to the hotel and I finally felt tired by the time I put my head down. I fell asleep almost right way – it was almost 10pm.

The next morning when I got up, I went through the same yoga routine followed by a cup of hot ginger tea. Once again, all day long, I experienced no sign of jetlag.

After Googling “Ginger Tea” for its health benefits, I realize that it is indeed an effective remedy for jetlag.

You can find out more from this Ginger Tea Benefits link

You can also learn how to make Ginger Tea from this video


A word of caution – for some people – too much ginger tea may cause stomach irritation, dry mouth, insomnia or heartburn. But for me – it’s the miracle cure I’ve been waiting for against the dreaded malady.


Mable, New York

Mable Chan

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