Stall Talk: A Survival Guide After the Holiday

I have never liked stall talks.

As we know, stall talks are the kind of friendly private conversations usually between girls during their toilet visits.

And increasingly, they have also become the kind of PR/marketing messages wrapped around porta-potties popularized and monetized by advertisers and promoters.

But this one was an exception.  It captured my attention.

For starters, it was an eye-catching bright green pamphlet mounted on the toilet door right in front of me. And I was trapped behind locked door minding my own business.

With nowhere to go, I felt like a captive and began reading what’s billed as –

“Stall Talk: The Holiday Survival Guide.” As I followed along, I found myself not only nodding to the key points of the message, but also realizing how much I’m already implementing some of them in my own life.

Here are the 5 Tips.

Tactic #1:  Do Some Planning


Ever since I’ve started a “bed early, rise early” schedule more than a year ago to begin my day with yoga and meditation, I notice a better flow of energy throughout my body. I also discover a more still and open mind to tackle the set of tasks I’ve prioritized and organized for the day.

Tactic #2:  Keep It Real


Set your sights on watching daily behavior rather than long-term results during the busy holiday season. Set small, daily goals that are attainable in the short-term.

Focus is our best friend.

I’ve observed in my own life that endeavors are easier when we take one step at a time.

Tactic #3:  Chill Out


Consider Yoga (to stretch, strengthen and BREATHE your way into an easy, fun holiday season.)

Yes! I love this one.

I’ve discovered how Ashtanga yoga has trained me to develop deep and even breaths that truly ground and center me. I feel calmer in the mind and lighter in the heart.

Tactic #4: Zzzzzzz


Lack of sleep is one of the leading factors in raising stress levels, which in turn can cause your body’s metabolic rate to slow down. Hit the sack and wake up at the same time every day, aim for 7-8 hours.

Sleep recharges and rewires me.

Ever since I’ve started a 7-8 hour sleep a day schedule, I’ve become more self-aware, productive and retrospective. Rest does magic to the brain. A good night’s sleep enables me to think clearly and act calmly.

Tactic #5: Don’t Wait for 2015!


Although we are already in 2015 and way over the holidays, I find these tactics just as relevant after the holidays because if you’re like me, you may also have slacked off from your pre-holiday exercise regimen, put on a few pounds, and even feeling a big sluggish?

It’s never too late.  Start scheduling now!


In case you’re wondering where I was, and who put out this “Stall Talk” message?

I was back at the Malken Athletic Center (M.A.C) for the first time after the holiday for a swim. The M.A.C. is my favorite go-to gym at Harvard.

This “Stall Talk” flyer was posted by the Harvard Athletics a university division that designs and manages all the sports programs and fitness facilities for students, staff and athletics members.

If you want more information on the scientific research behind the benefits for different types of physical and mental fitness programs, I’d recommend clicking this resource:

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