Listening to China, One Person at a Time



“One In A Billionis a podcast about China, through the voices of Chinese millennials in America. 

These are American-educated, global-minded Chinese with deep roots, or high stakes in China. They have moved to America on their own or with their family. They belong to the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs and other enterprising types in America.

What motivates them? What moves them? Where are they privileged? Where are they not? How do they navigate bias and barriers in America to establish themselves?  How do they negotiate their transformative experiences in America with their traditional values?

One In A Billion gives voice to this rising yet under-represented generation of young Chinese dreamers who dare greatly. We want to understand their accomplishments and pressure points as a way to understand China and America.

Vision and Mission:

“One In A Billion” serves as a platform for young entrepreneurs, performing artists and business professionals to share stories.

The podcast also serves as a link to a network of established American and Chinese leaders and alumni who want to give back by sharing life and career experiences.

We want to inform curious minds and inspire mutual success.

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About Our Team



BrianBrian Litwinowich

Sound Designer/Engineer

Brian is an independent audio engineer and sound designer who grew up in central Massachusetts. He started his career on the west coast working for one of the most prominent audio production studios near San Francisco. Brian’s vast experience in audio production spans across many forms of media including podcasts, webcasts, commercials, videos, tutorials, video games, websites and movies. He lives outside of Boston now and in his spare time he enjoys music, reading, the outdoors and spending time with his family.

mitchMitch Hanley
Creative Director

Mitch Hanley is a Peabody Award-winning radio producer with over 13 years in public radio. He began as an engineer/producer with A Prairie Home Companion, and in 2003 he launched Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett, serving as Senior Producer/Technical Director before leaving in 2010 to attend Harvard Divinity School. In 2016, he helped launch The Listening Room, Harvard Law School’s podcast on mediation and negotiation. In addition to serving as China Personified’s Creative Director, he also co-produces Us & Them, a podcast exploring conversations across America’s culture wars.


robinRobin Lohrey
New York

Robin Lohrey ‘Hailing from San Juan Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State, Robin Lohrey began piano and violin studies from the age of four. As a recent graduate of the Contemporary Improvisation program at Boston’s New England Conservatory, his style uses dance music as a vehicle for broader exploration of process, form, and material. Working as a freelance audio engineer and media designer, he balances his time between personal and collaborative artistic projects.’

anitaAnita Xu

A Shanghai born-and-bred, Anita is currently a business reporter with China’s leading digital media publication Q Daily. Previously, Anita has covered arts, entertainment and entrepreneurship for various media outlets including Grazia, The Art Newspaper (China), CNN Travel, The Post and Courier, PBS-WCNY and more. Anita holds a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University and a master’s degree from Syracuse University. While not working, she can be found traveling, watching all kinds of movies, hosting and producing a weekly podcast about American film and television named Watermelon Pop.


songyuSongyu Zhu

Songyu Zhu holds a Master in Higher Education degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  She was a freelance researcher for China Personified in 2015-16, and has worked in the fields of International Student Services, International Admissions, Public Affairs at Harvard and MIT. Before entering Harvard, Songyu studied American Cultural History at the University of Southern California (USC), coordinated USC Shoah Foundation’s research collaboration with the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. Songyu’s research and professional interests focuses on the globalization of American higher education institutions, the cultural and educational exchange between millennials from/in China and the United States.



Alison grew up in Kunming, China, and attended Beijing Language and Culture University for her undergraduate degree in journalism. In 2013, Alison came to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in Public Relations from Boston University’s College of Communication. From an early age, Alison had a profound curiosity in learning about other cultures and expanding her horizons. Alison finished her Master’s degree in 2015 and soon discovered her passion in using her skills as a communicator to bring people in the United States and China closer together. She sees great potential in the young people of both countries and hopes play a part in facilitating and realizing that potential to improve the world. Alison loves trying new recipes, practicing Yoga, and traveling to new places.


franklinFranklin Chen

Franklin Chen was our Production Intern at China Personified “One in a Billion” podcast, during our research and development stage for launch in the Summer of 2016. Born and raised in Xiamen, China, he came to the United States in the Fall of 2015 for his Master’s degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. During his graduate studies, he led a university-wide mental health campaign called the #HowAreYou Campaign. Before Harvard, he earned his B.A. from China Foreign Affairs University and was a lecturer for New Oriental Education and Technology Group in his senior year. As a recent graduate of Harvard, he hopes to work in education across different platforms, and aspires to make a greater impact by connecting education and media. He is a huge A Capella geek, and he loves lip syncing to songs wherever he goes.

suningSuning Hang

Suning Hang was our Production Intern at China Personified. Born and bred in Beijing, China, she graduated from Peking University in 2015 for her Bachelor’s degree of Art and came to Harvard University for her Master’s degree of Education. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she got involved in various activities related to culture, technology and media, trying to explore the world from different perspectives and help promote educational equity. Suning loves reading, traveling and creative writing.

anjieAnjie Liu

Anjie Liu is a rising senior at Harvard College studying Physics and Comparative Literature. She helped with research and questions during the development phase of “One in a Billion” podcast Born in Dalian, China and having lived in Osaka, Japan before coming to the United States, Anjie is passionate about languages and promoting bridges between cultures. Among her interests are painting, tennis, and cooking. This summer, in the waters of the Mediterranean, she added snorkeling to that list.


hannahHannah Shen

Hannah Shen hails from Shanghai, China. She is a sophomore with major in Government at Harvard University. At Harvard, she is actively engaged in both the college community and China-related organizations. Hannah helped design survey and focus group meetings during the preparation stage for “One in a Billion” podcast launch in Summer 2016. She currently serves as the Director of Public Relations at Harvard China Forum and Publishing Associate at the Harvard Crimson newspaper. Back in China, she founded a non-profit peer mentoring program that aims to promote education equality in the country. Hannah enjoys reading, traveling, contemporary plays and classical music.