Happy 2017!

One in a Billion Podcast

I want to thank all of you for tuning in, liking and sharing our podcast  “One in a Billion” since it went live last summer.

We have produced 12 episodes in six months and scored a few hits! You’ve indicated what stories speak to you, and which are worth sharing.

Here’s the list of Top 5 Most Popular & Most Engaged

“Finding Love in America” a 2-part series
Pt. 1 “Reality Bites”  & Pt. 2 “Are you the one?”


“Face Your Fears”



“Made in China Robot Turned Creative Human”



“What Makes You Different?” 




“Why Not Me?”





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What caught me by complete surprise is that Episode #12 “Reflecting on 2016”  has been purchased by an independent public radio station ‘KVSC’ in Minnesota via PRx,  a distributor for our podcast. That tells me something about where our audience is…beyond my imagination!


What’s New in 2017?


Time Out for “One in a Billion” 

After six months on the air, I’ve decided to put One in a Billion on hold for a couple of months. It has been a highly rewarding as well as exceedingly consuming and costly initiative. In order to better position my project for the purpose of serving our target audience and public interest, I am considering forming a non-profit production company to become the home base for “One in a Billion.” I also plan to design special series programming for NPR distribution. This definitely is a big step in a different direction, and I’ll need some time out to think things through and make plans for it.

How To Get Involved?

If you have enjoyed listening to One in a Billion, I want to invite you to join my team.

I’m seeking podcast lovers, creative writers and social media producers who can volunteer a few hours a week.  In the coming months, we will conduct market survey, and come up with new ideas to re-frame and re-format One in a Billion. 

I am committed to giving voice to young people from China and America who want to share personal stories and experience about the pressure and pleasure of living and competing with one another in America. As we usher in the Trump era, how is the global and mobile millennial generation affected? This is one big question worth exploring. Will you join me? If interested, Email me at info@ChinaPersonified.com.

Pitch A Story? Send Me Comments?

To send us your comments or stories, just go to our Facebook page or our website at ChinaPersonified.com under “Pitch a Story.”

Mable, New York

Mable Chan

Mable Chan is the founder of China Personified. Her contact is mablechan@chinapersonified.com.