A story exchange network called “Great Expectations”(期望) serves as a digital platform for you to submit your stories.

“Great Expectations” (期望) is particularly interested in real-life stories:

For Chinese students/young professionals abroad

  • personal dreams of success and happiness that may conflict with your family, culture, society.
  • personal vignettes of unusual experiences that challenge your assumptions about your cultural values and priorities.

Where does the greatest “expectation” (期望) come from in your life? Your parents, yourself, society?

How does that kind of “expectation” (期望) shape your choices on education, career, relationships, lifestyle?

For students/young professionals in China

      What are your dreams and expectations when you begin your living/working experience in China?

How have they changed, and how are you changed?

What have you learned about Chinese characteristics and values? How have they affected you?