Find Your Edge

We love pushing our limits, juggling many balls in the air and finding our edge. But how do you find your edge? It’s too late if we overshoot and fall off the cliff. We could do ourselves grave danger.

During yoga practice this morning at 7 a.m., I tuned into every word that Jamie spoke softly in her throaty voice.

“With your head bow, hands to your heart set an intention for your practice.”

Our yoga teacher always begins the hour-long class with this instruction that we set a purpose for our work.

“It can be as simple as to find your breath,” Jamie suggested.

Breath – a life force, a power engine, a barometer of vitality.  How often do you find yourself losing your breath while pushing your limit?

Before I began my daily yoga practice several years ago, I easily lost touch with my breath when I focused solely on my tasks and deadlines. Over time, I realize how easily I can get injured with tiny movements – with my lower back, my neck or my shoulders when I am rushing around, tightening my muscles, and forgetting to breathe!

“Find your edge. Feel where you are tight, breathe into those spaces. Create an opening. Soften the tension.”

Jamie was directing our transition from pose to pose, reminding us to tune into how to find release just as we try to build strength.  She must have caught me tightening my shoulders and neck during my warrior 2 pose,


“Soften your shoulders.”

I heard that, eased my shoulders and noticed a lighter hold and firmer stand.

“Calm and center yourself. Find your edge.”

That’s it.

Finding our edge is hard work that often depletes our breath, clogs our energy flow.  The key is to actively notice where you tense up, then breathe into it.  You will notice whatever it is that you’re clinging onto tightly, suddenly becomes lighter. Your breath is your signpost for your edge.

Tune into it, move it to those tough spots, so they become your sweet spot.

Mable, New York

Mable Chan

Mable Chan is the founder of China Personified. Her contact is