Find a Way In


It sounds silly. It’s just a game.

But in an instant, it became serious, taking our breath away.

While lying in bed checking breaking news on his i-phone, my husband suddenly started screaming hysterically…“Ha! HA! Hahahaha, haHA….!!!”

I dashed out of the bathroom midway through my nighttime facial routine and found him looking stunned.

“What? What honey!?”

“28-28! The Patriots strike BACK!” he shot back.

“No way!” I screamed back in ecstasy. “Are you serious? Are you watching?

We first tuned in at 25-3 and saw the shell-shocked look on Tom Brady’s face, we were heartbroken at that point. We tuned out. We thought this would be tough to watch, so we told ourselves, “Let’s take a break, we’ll check in later.” Now, I found myself scrambling for live stream video of the Superbowl, checking Twitter and Facebook feeds, following the unprecedented overtime to its shocking ending.

“I can’t believe you’re tweeting this, you’re not even a football fan!” Ken was teasing me.

He is right, I am not. But I am a breaking news junkie.

Who would have predicted a comeback win for the Patriots after such a huge deficit at halftime?

It sounds silly, but this game kind of imitates life.

Just because you’re having a strong start, you may still fumble.
Just because you’re losing and feeling down, you are not out so long as you’re still alive. Rebound.

How? “I saw a crease”, find a way in and “make a play for the team.”  That’s how Patriots running back James White described what he did. Not just him, but the whole team. Everyone did their job. White described the classic Patriots Mantra “Do. Your. Job.”

They keep their eyes on the ball. They find a way in.
They don’t give in. They don’t give up.
They carry on and show us how.

Life is like this. A game. A sport.
Let’s not defeat ourselves before our job is done.

Mable, New York

Mable Chan

Mable Chan is the founder of China Personified. Her contact is