Glacier Hiking in the Middle-earth

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I have never thought I would stand on top of a massive piece of ice that is 200-meter thick and 13-kilometer long. Well, Fox Glacier in New Zealand made what I thought to be impossible possible over the winter break….

Are You A Hothouse Flower?

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We have all heard of the expression “A Hothouse Flower,” (温室里面的花儿), we all dread being called one. Who wants to be perceived as a flower that grows up in a heated greenhouse – exquisite and delicate – but so fragile…

The Tale of Two Worlds

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Glitzy office buildings, immaculate black-suit people, vitamin supplements, and Starbucks coffee. Drywalls, spackling paste, dusty faces, cheese pizzas and soda. My first week back to the United States from my China home was straddled in two worlds. The first day…

Life in the City

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Compared to traveling, living in a city is a very different way to experience and understand a city’s style and culture. It’s easy to have a taste of how a city looks like through traveling, but only through living in…

Why Did I Jump Out Of A Plane?

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After witnessing two guys disappeared into the sky together in less than a millisecond, I found myself only 5 feet from the opened plane door. The time has finally come. YES, I was ready to jump out of a perfectly…

Why Personal Brand Matters?

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When I became an entrepreneur by launching a media start-up a few years ago, I had to quickly learn many business concepts and lingo – elevator pitch, market niche, value proposition etc. But none seemed harder to change or control…

Three Big Things I Noticed As A Foreigner Visiting Cuba

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I visited Cuba in January 2011 as a tourist and lived in the home of a Havana family for five days. I traveled by myself from Canada, on a Chinese passport, and speaking no Spanish. To summarize my impression: 1)Poverty pushes Cubans…

What We Can Learn from the Latest Stampede in Shanghai?

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Holiday season is supposed to be full of love, smile, and happiness. We are very not willing to witness or undergo anything distressing or awful during this time; otherwise it will be extremely sad. The recent scary stampede happened in…

Home Again: Letting Loose and Letting Go

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It’s always bliss to be home. I started counting down even before finishing my final exams, distracted by thoughts of home while dealing with a heavy workload down the stretch. I had never missed home like this before, and home…

Stall Talk: A Survival Guide After the Holiday

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I have never liked stall talks. As we know, stall talks are the kind of friendly private conversations usually between girls during their toilet visits. And increasingly, they have also become the kind of PR/marketing messages wrapped around porta-potties popularized…

My New Year’s Resolutions 2015 – What Really Matters?

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Happy 2015! Have you mapped out an ambitious list of New Year’s Resolutions “Do’s & Don’ts?” Why do we tend to make these big bold plans at the beginning of every year? And why do we keep breaking them, making…

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Exclusive Interview with Chinese American Playwright David H. Hwang


David Henry Hwang describes his passion for playwriting since college, shares inspirations and challenges that he has encountered, and gives advice to aspiring playwrights.